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Low Cost Promotional Plastic Keyrings

Brand your business on a budget with these printed keyrings. The best way to keep your business in the minds of your customers is through everyday items, which is why key rings work so well!

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When you're getting merchandise for your next tradeshow or event, there are a lot of decisions to make. Are we doing what we did last year? How many things should I get? Should I get my items shipped to the office, or would it be better to have sent directly to the event venue?

You have a lot on your mind, so we're going to help make an easy decision for you. If you're buying keyrings for your company, consider plastic. Do you want to know why businesses choose plastic printed keyrings over others? Read on to learn more about one the best promotional buys you'll make. 

Plastic Keyrings Vs. Metal Keyrings

When it comes to promotional items, keyrings are always a popular choice. Keyrings are practical items, small and easy to pick up when you're going from booth to booth, and they put your company's name and logo in front of people's faces everytime they reach for their keys. 

When you're buying custom keyrings, metal and plastic are going to be your top choices for keyring materials. 

Metal keyrings are typically made out of plated stainless steel and can be coated nickel or brass. Plastic keyrings can be made out of a variety of materials including recycled plastic.

The Benefits Of Printed Plastic Keyrings 

You'll have your choice of materials to pick from, but if you want promotional keyrings that last, you'll make sure they're plastic. Curious about why we love plastic business keyrings? After you read these benefits you'll wonder how you ever went with a different material.

Plastic keyrings last longer

There's nothing worse than picking up merch you love at a conference or trade show and seeing it fall apart in a matter of weeks. 

Products that break won't leave a good impression on consumers, and they don't make your company look good either. Plastic keyrings are built to last and can make sure you are on your customer's minds for years. 

Plastic keyrings are more cost effective

The cost will always be a factor when you're buying promotional items. If you want to save money and give out a high-quality keyring, go with plastic. Metal keyrings are slightly more expensive, and plastic is inexpensive to produce.

Plastic keyrings are perfect for tradeshows, conferences, and anywhere your business could benefit from buying in bulk. The price per keyring will be a lot cheaper, and you'll be able to easily stock up for events.

Plastic is easy to maintain

You never know what can happen to a set of keys. They may get drenched in the rain, go for a spin in a washing machine, or could get water and other liquids spilt on them.

Metal can be a little more difficult to clean. Plastic keyrings can get wet and be easily cleaned with standard cleaning products.

Plastic Is Easy to Customise

Would you love your keyrings to come in a rainbow of colours? Do you want to print keyrings in the shape of your company logo? Are you planning a creative and flashy design? Plastic is incredibly malleable and easy to customize. You can create any kind of keyring you could imagine with it.

Create high quality merchandise with Printkick

Are you ready to make your first order of custom plastic keyrings for your business? We're here to help you make the best merchandise for your company. Request a quote by clicking on any product so we can get started on your order.

And remember, we don't just make plastic keyrings. We can make a variety of custom products! If you could use some ideas, look at our blog post on promotional items every business needs.

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