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How to make the most of Printkick


We've designed Printkick to be the easiest way to plan and order your promotional campaign. With that, there's a few features we'd love to explore in more detail.

The Product Selector

When you first reach a product page, there will be a few options available, depending on the product and the print types available.

All you need to do is:

  1. Select the colour of the item you'd like to buy

  2. Select the number of print colours in your logo,

Step two often confuses a few people, because quite rightly, who thinks about that kind of stuff?

We usually screen or pad print many of our promotional items, so the number of colours has an impact on the price of the product. The higher the number of colours in your logo, the more effort is required from our factory print teams to set up equipment, therefore your final product will cost a little more than a standard one colour print.

To figure out the number of colours in your logo, take a look at all the solid areas of colour in your logo - there are a few examples below:

If your logo has gradients, overlapping areas of colour, or more than four colours, then it's worth looking out for products which can be printed "Full colour".

3. Select the quantity required

The minimum quantity we can sell is the top quantity band, and you can see the discount you'll get by clicking through the different quantity bands. There's often an additional discount as the print prices reduces when you order more!

4. Click on "Get my quote and free visual"

After this step, you can upload your logo, and add any comments related to your artwork.

Simply add your company information and sit back. We'll back back to you in a few minutes with a quote and a little while later for a product visual.

Feel free to chat with us using the button in the bottom right hand corner at any time to request changes, discuss requirements or ask for ideas!

Your Customer Account

When you've submitted your quote, we'll send over a quote and a visual. You can check the visual by clicking the link in your email, scrolling down and downloading it.

Making a purchase

When you are happy with your quotation and visual, all that's left is to click "Accept quote" and check out using our super simple checkout page. Alternatively, you can check out straight away from our quotation email.

If you need to change the delivery address, you can do so using the middle column.

And so, with that - go get shopping!

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