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Promotional Bum Bags

Travel businesses can capitalise on the branding potential of waist, bum, or if American, fanny bags and packs. Useful for runners, outdoor activities and day trips, try your first printed order today!
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Did you know 85% of customers will do business with a company after receiving a promo item? There's no doubt that promo items like waist bags bring success to companies that use them. But what about settling on which item is best to give?

Our waist bags can be in your hands in under two weeks, with your logo crisply screen or pad printed on the outside. Not convinced? Tag along, we're going to share the reasons why you should choose a waist bag for your next promo event! 

Why wait bags are your best bet

You might be thinking that bum bags are a bit outdated. Truth is, they are anything but out of fashion. We've seen vintage and retro fashion everywhere.

The bum bag doesn't fall that far behind. In fact, bum bags, or "waist bags" are trending on the runway! Jump onto this rolling bandwagon to show your customers that you keep up with the times. 

Still hesitating, no worries. Keep reading to see the top reasons you should choose a bum bag for your next business promotion.

Functional and fun branding

Few people opt for the new style of waist bags out of fear. That's because they don't know the in's and out's of how to wear a bum bag. Be the ice-breaker and draw in the positive attention your company needs.

Print your logo on the waist bags to ensure the success of your branding strategy. Skip out on the 80's neon colors. Instead, choose wearable hues like blacks, browns, or cremes.

This'll make your bum bags more attractive to your customers. Put in the extra effort. The high-quality will encourage your customers to show off their fashionable bum bag.

Free hands and get off the fence

You want your clients to have a clear focus on business matters at promotional events. Having a clear mind lets them consider questions about your company. These questions give you the open doors you're looking for to plug in helpful services.

You don't want anything in their hands that could be a distraction, so bum bags are a great option. You'll not only answer questions but gauge the level of interest your customer has. You can then better tailor your answers to win over hesitating customers.   

Don't miss up this special chance to connect with your pool of customers. It's a great opportunity to get your mission heard, and your products in the hands of new prospects.   

Waist bags endure the test of time

Once the promotional event is over, your advertisement will live on. It'll inhabit closets, pantries, and drawers for safe-keeping. Your customers can use their bum bags for fashion statement pieces, beach days, or as a new pursue.

There are a plethora of chances to use this reusable and timeless bag. This unique promotional item has the potential to: 

  1. Help your customer in their day-to-day life
  2. Increasing your branding success
  3. Boost profit 

These are only a few ways promo items increase the success of your business. The longer it lasts, the more chance you have of advertising for your brand. That's why it's important to choose a quality item.   

How to get the best quality bags

Keeping up with the waist bag fad isn't all about branding, but quality as well. If your customers are going to be using these, you want the best quality to show you care. We've got great options for wearable bum bags your customers will love. 

We strive to create our products from high-quality materials. You can rest easy knowing you're promotional items are top-notch. If you have any questions or concerns, let us help


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