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10 Promo Items Every Business Should Have

Over 80% of people are more likely to do business with a company after receiving a branded promotional item from them.

The most interesting part is that over 40% are likely to keep these items for a period of 6 years or longer.

For these reasons, it is essential for any business to have the top promotional items to ensure they stay competitive. Read on to find out which products are the best to have.

1. Promotional clothing

Hats, t-shirts, raincoats, while this one seems very obvious there are a few important details to consider when making these products.

The worst thing your company could do is slap the logo on the item and then just hand it out. Sure, because it's free people will likely use it while at home or for events where they know the item may get ruined, but that just restricts the item's potential.

Imagine if you spent a little bit of extra time to make the apparel look cool or interesting. Suddenly people would be happy to wear it as a fashion item and would likely wear it in public and to the homes of their friends. Essentially they will become free walking advertisements.

Putting in that effort to make your apparel stand out will guarantee to boost your competitiveness compared to other businesses.

2. Bottle Openers

These items are a fantastic way to ensure that you give people something useful that they will be glad to receive.

Bottle openers are an item which will definitely get used thus putting your brand literally in the hands of many people. Equally, don't think that just because your audience is older that this item won't be seen. They may pass it on to other members of their family thus helping more people interact with your brand.

These can be given as keyrings, magnets, or whatever else you find works for your business.

3. Branded Mugs

Whether a tea lover or avid coffee drinker, there are very few people in the world who wouldn't love to receive a free printed mug.

Just like t-shirts, this is a great time to have some fun with your merchandise. Include your company logo but also try adding in some phrases or images you think match your brand.

For example, if you have an IT company you could have fun phrases like "Try turning it on and off again." or "Installing coffee.exe".

Whatever style of humour runs in your industry is perfect for this and will ensure your mug is used often and remembered by many.

4. Reusable Water Bottles

These items are not only a great way to promote your brand, but they're also a great way to help the environment.

While many are tempted to get the cheapest possible version you need to remember that these are only truly effective if people use them a lot.

That's why it's worth investing in a decent quality water bottle. You may buy less than had you gone with the cheaper option, but 30 people using the bottle every day is significantly better than 100 who toss it into their closet.

5. Notebooks and Journals

Despite almost everyone having a phone, tablet, or computer to write notes on, journals are still preferred by many, especially for meetings.

Typing can be very loud and distracting and it can sometimes give the impression you're not fully paying attention.

A nice quality journal with your company logo on the cover (or even better, on every page) is an excellent way to ensure you give people something they are likely to use.

6. USB Stick & Tech items

While free software like Google Drive and services that offer large file emails exist, they can also be unreliable.

There have been countless occasions when people have traveled to a client's office only to be unable to connect to the WiFi or internet. All it takes is one small malfunction like that and an entire presentation or meeting can go wrong.

For that reason, USB sticks are extremely useful for those moments you want to take a backup with you that doesn't rely on an internet connection or just need to securely give someone a file.

Having your company's logo on it also helps people associate with your brand more positively due to the utility they get out of the USB.

We also created a rundown of our top five promotional gadgets in our previous blog which gives further detail.

7. Sweets and other confectionery

While you may think these promotional items are not permanent and therefore less effective, they actually provide some advantages.

Firstly, there are very few people who wouldn't be delighted to receive a tasty treat thus helping build your brand equity.

Also, your company logo will be featured on the container of the sweets. That means that even after they've been eaten people will still have something useful to use as storage for small office or home items.

8. Fidget Spinners Are Also a Top Promotional Product

The only issue with stress balls is that their name indicates the person using them isn't in a particularly good mood.

That's why fidget spinners have grown in popularity as a replacement because they provide a similar relief but with less of a negative connotation.

As their name implies, they're perfect for people who like to be doing something with their hands while they think and work. These products are a little bit more playful so be sure to think about if your company is casual enough to pull off giving them away.

9. Tote Bags

Another excellent way to promote your company is by giving out tote bags.

Their canvas material is excellent for printing allowing you to create cool designs that are resistant to fading, flaking and can even survive being washed.

They're also environmentally friendly and encourage people to use them instead of plastic bags. It not only is practical but they are likely to be used in many places meaning your brand gets more exposure.

10. Headphones and speakers

People like to work while listening to music. In fact, provided it's ambient or instrumental, it's been proven to help boost concentration.

Anyone who wears the headphones with your logo on it will be actively advertising your company to those around them.

Have Fun With It

The easiest way to create top promotional products people will use is to just have fun with the design. If you love the end result and want one for yourself then there's a strong chance many others will too.

Take a look at our fantastic range of products and check out our gallery for more inspiration.

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