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Printed Metal Water Bottles

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Printed Metal Water Bottles

Promotional metal water bottles are a durable, and reusable solution to disposable plastic water bottles. With the growing movement to end the use of single use or throwaway plastics, now is the time to invest in environmentally friendly reusable products, like our range of printed water bottles. These bottles keep your beverage cool on the go without worrying about leaking water from punctures or breakage, as they are typically made from stainless steel or aluminium for robustness.

If you need a bottle or canteen that's simple to clean and has a high resistance to wear and tear, our selection of stainless steel products is tough and low maintenance. While for those on the run, we carry a variety of lightweight aluminium bottles. Many of the metal bottles in our range come with a handy carabiner or a lid loop to quickly attach your bottle to a backpack or hold with ease.

Why Order Metal Water Bottles?

Custom metal water bottles are a best buy for any team, or to give out at sporting event. They’re also a great way to show appreciation to members of an outdoors clubs and coalitions. For companies hosting team building exercise, or a corporate sporting event, branded metal water bottles are a useful and detailed gift to participants.

Our bottles are also significantly long lasting in comparison to plastic and glass making them an ideal choice for a kid’s teams. Give them out at a little league tournaments or school functions. Another great use for metal bottles in bulk are in bookstores or gift shops! If you are looking for more options and bottle materials go through our extensive options of sports bottles. Printkick has the exact product that you need! While on the go, you could also take a look at our range of personalised travel mugs too.

The Difference Between Printed and Engraved Metal Water Bottles

At Printkick we use two methods for personalizing the metal bottle of your choice. We can print your brand or logo on the bottle or engrave it. The method depends on your necessities and the look you want to achieve. Engraved stainless steel is the easiest and least fussy for cleaning. Engraved stainless-steel bottles are completely dishwasher safe and have a very smart sleek look. For maximum durability aluminium bottles both printed and engraved should be hand wash to prolong the life of their inner lining. Every bottle, including the lining of our aluminium bottles are BPA free make them the healthiest to hydrate. On the other hand, printed logos or brands show off colourful designs and give you brand an extra pop on your items. Keep in mind that printed metal water bottles are not dishwasher safe but have a long lifetime when gently washed with warm soapy water and a long-handled brush.

Picking a Promotional Metal Water Bottle

A reusable metal water bottle not only looks smart but also promotes commitment to sustainable choices and an environmentally friendly outlook. So, what how should you choose the perfect metal water bottle for you team or activity. Our top picks for kids sports teams, or dance groups is the Frosted Sports bottle that keeps beverages cool and is customizable with the option to print your logo with up to 4 colours. This bottle holds 550 ml of liquid making it perfect for children to hold or carry in a bag. It’s low price, low 25 item minimum, and durable quality makes this an excellent choice to place in a goodie bag for school fairs or events.

For a corporate team we suggest the Leipzig Sport bottle which comes in 7 colours for ultimate customization. This nifty full-size bottle also has a fold-out sipper cap, ideal for enjoying your drink without worrying about spills in the office or car. Looking to treat your employees or give something extra special to a winning team, Printkick also offers elegant custom glassware!

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