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Branded A5 Conference Folders

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What preparation do you do before an important meeting or conference? Practice your presentation? Do a bit of research on the other attendees? Double check time and location? Make sure you're looking smart and tidy?

These are all really sensible final checks before leaving the office, but when you are concentrating on your presentation and the business at hand it is so easy to forget the most obvious things. 

Have you got something to write with? What are you going to write on? Do you have some business cards? How will people know which company you are representing?

All of these issues can be solved simply by making sure you have printed conference folders with you every time you leave the office.

Why Conference Folders?

When you go to a conference or meeting, you don't want to be carrying a cumbersome bag and have to rummage around for a pen. It doesn't look professional.

When you turn up to a meeting you should appear organised and calm. If you carry a conference folder, such as a Leith A5 portfolio, then in just one hand you can carry your pens, business cards, legal pad and any other notes you might need. All contained in one neat, stylish folder.

Stay Charged

We all rely on our smartphones and tablets, but none more so when you are at a conference. You never know when you might need to check a fact, email a business contact, or create an electronic presentation.

What could be worse, at that critical moment, than finding you do not have enough battery life to use your tablet?

Conference folders have evolved along with the business world, and if you choose a portfolio with a power bank you never have to worry about flat batteries, or finding somewhere to charge your device again. 

Looks Are Important

First impressions are important in business. After all, you are representing your company as well as yourself. 

Looking smart, professional, and organized will boost your confidence, and help you stand out from your competitors. And what better way is there to look sleek and professional than carrying a genuine leather zipper portfolio?

Our leather portfolios are from premium quality leather and come in various colors, to create a classic and timeless look.

Stay On Brand

Adding your company branding to your conference folders is the icing on the cake. Everyone will know who you are representing, and it makes for great advertising for your business.

All of our conference folders and portfolios can be custom printed with your company logo or business details.

Our functional colored folders are an excellent way to spread brand awareness, and handing out these printed folders to delegates can make for a memorable part of your presentation.

Choose Printkick Portfolios

At Printkick we are specialists in promotional branding and conference folders. Combining your business branding with a choice of high spec portfolios will ensure you look the part, and stay organised throughout your conference and meetings. Don't forget you can contact us for more corporate branding ideas.

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