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Printed Stress Balls

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One of the most memorable episodes of Friends is the one where Joey and Ross throw a ball to each other for hours. The strangely addictive nature of passing a ball back and forth is one most of us can relate to. You just don't want to be the one who drops it.

Stress balls are a creative way to promote your brand. They are fun and they really work! Here are 5 awesome stress ball benefits for brand marketing! 

Printed stress balls have an ancient past

Like paper, gunpowder, and paper money, stress balls originated in ancient China. They're known as Baoding balls. They consist of two metal balls which are manipulated in the hand.

The movement of the balls is supposed to stimulate acupuncture points and promote wellbeing. There's a similarity to the practice of playing with worry beads in Greek culture. They relax and occupy you in what we would now call a mindful way. 

Stress balls beneficial for health

Nowadays, stress balls are usually a squashy ball that fits comfortably in the hand.

They can be squeezed to help relieve arthritis, improve circulation, and help with reducing carpal-tunnel syndrome. The stress reduction benefits come from both the tactile sensation of squeezing and from the child-like fun of playing.

Research suggests that fiddling with a small item such as a stress ball is psychologically helpful. The researchers are making connections between particular hand movements and cognitive function. Creative thinking, learning, and focus could all be improved.

Benefits for your brand

Stress balls don't just have health and wellbeing benefits. They are a great vehicle for promotion too. In other words, they benefit your brand, too.

1. Stress balls are affordable

Stress balls are an affordable promotional giveaway and you can design your own. Their low unit cost and long life make them a very cost-effective way of getting your name and brand out into the market. Because they're small and lightweight they are also cheap to ship.

2. Durability and long life

A stress ball can take a lot of punishment and still look good. The nature of the product is that it's designed to be played with, squeezed, and thrown around. It takes persistence and determinations to wear one out.

3. A great place for a logo

There has been much innovation in the world of promotional giveaways. Clothing, pens, and even reusable water bottles all have their benefits.

Among its other strengths, the stress ball gives you a great surface for printing a logo or brand message, something that many other promotional giveaways do not.

4. Association with health

Having your brand associated with positive values is important when deciding on a promotional giveaway. A ball that relieves stress or that can be played with allows you to set up a positive relationship between your brand, the promotional giveaway, and your customer.

5. It's fun to share

It's really tempting to throw a ball to somebody. The same urge that motivated Joey and Ross to start throwing their ball back and forth will mean that your promotional giveaway will have a much longer life and a greater reach than most giveaways. Throwing the ball means the message or brand is also shared with others.

When selecting the right stress ball for your brand, consider whether you want to major on the stress ball benefits for health or fun. Which is the stronger tie in with your brand? Get your logo and message right and you have a great promotional giveaway.

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