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Corporate Inflatables

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Do you want a new form of advertising that is going to take your brand to a whole new level? 

Inflatable advertising is not only a unique way to show off your company, but it also has a wide variety of benefits that are sure to get your brand noticed in a sea of businesses. 

This advertising strategy implements the final layer in a multilayered approach to a company's marketing strategy. This ensures that your company is receiving the exposure it deserves and needs.

If you are interested in this type of unique advertising, then keep reading to reap all of the benefits this advertising technique has to offer.

Unconventional and unique

The best forms of advertisement are the ones that are remembered, and what better way to do that than with inflatable advertising? This form of advertising is unconventional, which means that it stands out from all of the other forms of advertising, making it memorable. 

Plus, unlike billboards and print ads that are two-dimensional and flat, this form of advertising is three-dimensional. This means that your advertisement can be seen from a far distance. Think about driving down the street and all of the billboards and signs that you come across.

Now imagine a unicorn-shaped pool float with a built-in can holder, your logo on the side. Even if someone sees an inflatable for just a moment, they are more likely to remember that than a typical billboard.

This advertising technique steals the show and the sale. 

Portable for outdoor events

Billboards and signage are placed within a fixed spot and the only people who see it are the ones to walk or drive by it. With inflatable advertising, you can bring your advertisements to a variety of events to increase your brand exposure. 

Bring PVC mattresses and beach pillows to pool parties and everyone will love you for getting the party started. The best part? You can print your logo and brand colors on all of these items, getting your company name out there for everyone to see. Portable and advertising such as this can take your previous marketing strategy to a whole new level.

Competitively priced 

Not only is this form of advertisement portable, but it is also reusable. This means that the price you originally pay for an inflatable advertisement goes toward the hundred of times that you can use it. 

Unlike commercials that charge hundreds of dollars for a few seconds of advertisements or Facebook ads that charge you per ad, these advertisements are a one time only charge. Plus, they have a long lifespan to ensure you get every single penny's worth. Imagine how much money eliminating recurring ads could save you. 

How Are You Going To Use Inflatable Advertising?

Inflatable advertising can benefit a company and its brand immensely. Not only will your wallet thank you, but it is also a fun and unconventional way to bring you new customers. Plus, who doesn't want to lounge in a blow-up flamingo in the pool all day? 

Check out our array of printed inflatables today to give customers the advertisement experience that they crave and the exposure that your company needs.

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