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Promotional Frisbee Boomerang and Yo-Yos

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Promotional Frisbee Boomerang and Yo-Yos

Stand apart from the standard handouts and giveaways at conferences, trade shows and student orientation days when you give them a fun promotional flyer toy. Nostalgic toys like frisbees, boomerangs and yo-yos play on emotions, creating pleasant memories and thus reflecting positive associations of your company. This unique branded merchandise adds an element of amusement to your brand.

Branding with a Fun Appeal

Marketing your service or product is critical in today’s competitive, saturated market. As you consider your branding approach, keep in mind that promotional products are a marketing tool that extends your reach beyond the sales call, beyond the press release and beyond that of fliers and handshakes. Promotional sports products engage customers, clients and employees on a higher level than a simple business card can do. They leave a favourable and memorable impression of your business, and when their function grants them a worthy enough service to use on numerous occasions or share with friends and family, you expose your brand beyond the initial contact for marketing that keeps working for you.

Flyers like boomerangs and frisbees add an element of fun to your brand and will brighten anyone's day, while yo-yos make the ultimate fidget toy most anyone will appreciate. Add your logo or message to one of these colourful flyers for a memorable visual and send your advertisement flying during picnics, days at the beach and many other outdoor events. Lightweight, convenient and desirable, promotional hobby toys make branding fun and entertaining. 

Flyers for a Branding Campaign that Soars

Not your everyday promotional toys! We have a range of engaging flyers, from foldable frisbees in a variety of colours and mini discs to classic wooden yo-yos just waiting to be emblazoned with your slogan or contact information. Looking for extra toys and handouts for your trade show giveaway bags? We have an array of options like promotional stress toys and balls and branded fridge magnets. These personalised items are popular and perfectly suit your needs, budget and goals.

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