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Branded Document and Conference Bags

Exhibitions and conferences are the ideal time to encourage brand awareness. Print your logo on any of these products to keep your company top of mind whatever the event, or see the full range of printed bags.

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On average, marketing takes up about 11% of a company's budget. Is the purchasing of promotional items a part of your marketing budget?

Perhaps you've seen other businesses using pens and t-shirts as promotional items. Your first thought may be that this is the perfect way to go with your own promotional items as well. However, there is another promotional item that you may be overlooking that works just as well as pens and t-shirts and sometimes even better. This item is a branded conference bag.

Printed bags can propel your advertising to the next level. Here are some of the best reasons to choose a document bag for your next promotion.

Who can benefit from a printed conference bag?

Conference or document bags are the perfect promotional item to create brand awareness if you manage or own a professional services firm or a corporate law firm. They are also great promotional tools if you organise conferences or have clients who are educators.

Bank managers and those who work in the financial sector would also benefit from a promotional conference bag. They're usually lifesavers to people in these professions as they tend to have a lot of documents that they need to keep organized.

The fact is that conference bags are useful to any of your clients who regularly have paperwork. If this is the profile of your clients then document bags are a great promotional item.

People love freebies and there is no greater way to please customers than by offering them something that they can use over and over again. Every time they use your bag they will remember your brand. This makes it an effective way to create brand awareness.

An added bonus is that since they use something that your business gave them, it creates a relationship and a connection. It's more likely that they'll always reach for your product or choose your services over another and recommend it to others.

Conference bags make customers into billboards

Whenever someone carries around one of your document bags they become a walking billboard for your product. This method of advertising can go on for years once your bag is sturdy and longlasting.

The more longlasting and attractive your bags are, the more attention they'll get and for a longer period of time.

Giving away printed conference bags is cost effective

One of the most compelling reasons to use document bags to promote your business is the fact that they're very cost effective. When you take a look at the impact and the longevity of this medium compared to regular advertising, it's easy to see the difference.

Promotional bags can be bought for reasonable prices especially when they are bought in bulk. This makes them less taxing on your marketing budget especially if you are a small business or startup.

Stand out from your competition

Chances are high that your competitors are not making use of promotional bags when it comes to advertising. This makes it the proverbial "dark horse" that will have a big impact. 

You also get to be creative. Use eye-catching colors, catchy or funny slogans to grab attention and make a good first impression on those who will see someone carrying your bag.

Final Thoughts

Giving your customer a document bag is one of the best ways you can advertise your products or services and create brand awareness. When you give away promotional items such as document bags chances are high that customers will stick with your business and talk about it with others. This makes it the perfect way to get word of mouth advertising.

If you would like more information about using conference bags as promotional items, please request a quote online!

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