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Branded Hats and Caps

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Brand visibility is not something you can add up with a calculator and display on the quarterly balance sheets.

It's an act of faith that doesn't show up as a verifiable return on investment. Yet brand visibility still adds something vital to your company's culture. 

One of the simplest ways to get brand visibility is to make branded hats and caps that get your name circulating. Company branded clothing reminds people that you exist.

Keep reading to find out how branded hats and caps and can literally help your brand stay on consumers' minds. 

Hats are Standard 

People of a certain age can remember growing up in an era where wearing almost any hat indoors came off as rude. Wearing a baseball cap was an even worse violation of common etiquette.

But times have changed. In many cases, it's fine to wear a baseball hat indoors now. If you're walking through the mall and wearing a cap in support of your favorite team, no one is going to blink. The same goes for other items of printed clothing

We expect people to be wearing hats in more settings now. It doesn't bother us if those hats bear a brand, as long as the branding is done in a relatively subtle way. 

For example, we expect to see company apparel that displays the logo in clean, neat block lettering. We don't expect to see a hat with light-up letters capable of illuminating a city block.

The former makes people curious. The latter turns people off. The purpose of branding should never be annoying your customer base.

Brand Perception Matters

When branding, use neutral or dark colors rather than loud ones. The same is true of fonts as well, since no millennial is going to beg for a brand logo that's written in Comic Sans MS. 

To figure out why subtlety matters, think about the ads you hear on the radio. If an ad begins by screaming at you to listen, are you going to stick around? Or are you going to turn off the station? 

We're used to brands trying to get our attention, but we don't want them to be too desperate about it. We associate desperation with used car lots and shady multi-level marketing companies.

A cutting edge brand doesn't need to shout. It just needs to exist in a cool and consistent manner. 

Make Your Brand Identity Useful

Some companies will try to be edgy and give out vice-related promotional items like matches and flasks. That works for some well-established companies, but it's a risky strategy. 

When you're first developing a brand identity, it's best to stick to company-branded items that are useful above all else. Things like hats, shirts, and lanyards serve a purpose.

When you give someone a hat with a brand name on it, no one has to guess about what it's for. We know how hats work.

Go Beyond Branded Hats and Caps

We know about branded hats and caps, but we know about a lot more than that too.

If your company needs to develop an image but isn't sure where to start, we can help. Contact us to find out how our personalized products can boost your brand identity. 

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