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Printed USB Hubs

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Give and take. It's the balance between the consumer and your business. 

While digital marketing campaigns increase, studies show branded giveaways and promotional products are still effective. Often, they show consumers keep a product for at least 8 months before they stop using it. That means your business logo is visual to them and those around them for almost an entire year with little effort! With multiple products to chose from, we're here to discuss why your company should consider giving away printed USB hubs! 

A USB Hub is a device that plugs into a port on your laptop or computer and allows you to connect multiple USB drives. For companies that specialize in computer technology, these are a great option! 

Cost Effective Exposure

The best part of promotional materials is how cost effective they are! Unlike major commercial spots and advertisements, branded materials are low cost and great for exposure. 

USB Hubs and other promotional technology items are a popular marketing product because they are relatively cheap to buy in large orders and are incredibly useful. Unlike pens, which let's face it always go missing, or other materials USB hubs are great for office and home use! 

For any business that relies on technology, a USB Hub is something that will likely stay hooked up to a computer for a long time. The exposure your company will get from a product like that far exceeds a pop-up or newspaper ad that will only get a glance. 

Brand Recognition

Your company's brand and logo is the center of your marketing strategy. It is what consumers will use to recognize your products without the need for a name. When you hand out branded promotional materials your company is essentially building up your recognition.

If you provide consumers with a USB hub, your logo will be visible to them every day when they sit down at the computer, it will be visible to their coworkers, friends, and family. The potential marketing reach is well worth the investment. 

Customer and Employee Loyalty

Although your main goal will be to attract new customers, giving away free promotional products will create a loyal customer and employee base. 

Customers are more likely to use a product and work with a business when they feel valued. Part of that comes from giving back to your customers rather than always expecting something from them. 

The same can be said for your employees. Employee welcome packages, gifts when goals are met, and small tokens of appreciation foster a great relationship between your business and your staff. 

USB port hubs, specifically, are something anyone can use and even help them become more efficient. 

Giving Away USB Hubs

Consider these three points when you start to consider using promotional products in your marketing.

Print Kick can help! Get a quote instantly by clicking on the product pages above or contact us today to discuss your marketing needs or printed USB hub options!  

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