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Printed Gift and Goody Bags for events

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Printed Gift and Goody Bags

Printed gift bags offer a unique branded twist to any giveaway activity that your company or organisation carries out, and can bring increased exposure for your business. Rather than offer a set range of products, our first-of-its-kind printed gift bags section allows you to mix and match from a huge variety of different promotional gifts, catering to the unique size of your event and ranging in value from budget giveaways to executive products. Best of all, branded merchandise has a lower cost per impression compared to conventional forms of advertising, All you need to do is start customising!

Bespoke Gift Bags

Custom gift bags are just one of several effective marketing tools you can use for any types of events. Their printed surface is the perfect way to show off your brand to a broad audience. These goody bags also remain as a go-to item perfect for toting around books or personal items, take it on shopping trips, for picnics or a day at the beach, maximising the visibility of your brand or message. You will be glad to know we have more products that will go great along with it. Purchasing your gift bags wholesale to hand out as promotional gifts is the easiest way to cover all of your events for all ages, and ensure that everyone leaves happy!

With thousands of products on our website, all you have to do is upload your firm’s logo to customise any item. From office supplies to drinkware up to laser and light pens, we have it! Check out the rest of our website and discover the endless possibilities we offer.

Tradeshow and Expo Goers

Give trade shows attendees an easy way to get into the conversation by presenting them with a handy customised bag to aid them in carrying the swag they have collected as they go along. Fill the bags with helpful items such as printed travel kits or a fun promotional “survival” kit to give your audience a little extra something to remember you by and add to the value of your giveaway. Get their feet wet with your products and services by offering them a bag with your business card or information, this way to reach your audience while they take home a token of your appreciation for their participation and attention.

Giveaways for Conferences and Professional Events

Perfect for a giveaway on conferences and seminars, a giveaway can add a personal touch to a professional setting. Fill your custom printed goody bags with small business gift  or technology items to remind your audience of your brand on their work desk or to reinforce the message you want to convey and drive home your marketing agenda throughout their workday. Whatever the theme of the event you are attending or whoever your target audience is, you can personalise any of the hundreds of gift bags we stock with your artwork to match the feel of the activity.

Events and Holidays

These personalised paper gift bags on occasions like children's birthdays, or as deluxe party gifts. You can also use our printed gift bags for occasions like Halloween parties, or Valentine's day treat for everyone! Even use our gift bags to recognize a job promotion or a prize for team building exercises. You can distribute branded water bottles and goody bags so guests can grab any sweets and mementoes they want to make the affair more memorable and special.

Business Gift Bags

Trendy and budget-friendly, utilise a personalised gift bag so clients can take home a bit of your business or business related event. We carry a wide variety of designs specifically for marketing your brand at sports events, fundraising activities, or corporate event. A printed business gift bag from Printkick is a simple giveaway with limitless potential for placing your brand directly in hands of your audience!

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If you are looking for a promotional gift supplier to create your range of printed paper gift bags, you have come to the right place. Browse Printkick's collection for the endless possibilities you can utilise for your next promotion.

Our team of experts has more than 30 years experience in the industry, and are on-hand to make sure you receive your promotional gift bags in no time at all. You can contact us by phone, email or live chat and we will be happy to answer any inquiries you may have.

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