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Top 5 Promotional Gadgets Your Business Should Be Using

In a recent survey, 83% of respondents say they're more likely to do business with a brand that gave them a gift.

Even better, 81% said they kept promotional gifts, with the top reasons for holding onto them being that they're fun, functional, and trendy.

All of that makes promotional gadgets a good use of your marketing budget. Read on for our top 5 recommended products to share with your customers.

Why Choose Promotional Gifts?

Promotional products rank as the most effective form of advertising across all generations. In this era of target advertising, that's a big bonus when it comes to your marketing spend.

Making a gift useful gives you the opportunity to keep your brand in front of the customer for longer. They'll think well of you for giving them the gift, and then whenever they use it, you'll get more kudos.

Most recipients will keep your gift, with 81% keeping hold of them for more than a year. That's a lot of brand exposure for a relatively small price.

Top 5 Promotional Gadgets

In putting together this list, we've looked for items that meet at least two of those three criteria for keeping an item. But the very best items will be all three.

USB Flash Drive

Choosing USB related items makes a lot of sense for promotional gifts. If you have something with your company's name on it right next to your client's computer, you're in a better position to be the one they call.

And the beauty of a USB stick is that it's mobile. Not only does your logo stay near your client at all times, but they might take it with them when they're out and about. This helps spread the word about your brand.

Flash drives come in a range of sizes and styles, from the petite to those with a larger in size that has plenty of space for advertising. A more unusual alternative is the business card style, which customers can keep in their wallets.

Phone Chargers

With smartphone ownership expected to exceed 53 million in the UK this year, there's one thing that more of us are looking for and that's charge.

There's nothing more annoying than realizing your battery is low just as you've reached a vital point in your day. And you can come to your customer's rescue in their time of need, by gifting them a branded power bank.

The same as with the flash drive, you can pick a range of branding options. There are chargers which can display your logo and contact details, while others offer more space for personalisation.

When choosing a power bank, it's the milliamp-hour that's important. While the smaller sizes will recharge a smartphone once, a larger one will charge a phone multiple times or manage a smartphone or larger device. But, your clients will be happy no matter which one you choose!


Like chargers, printed Bluetooth speakers are available for a span of budgets. Ranging from small models that customers can carry with them on a key-ring to larger styles that double as mobile stands.

They give users the chance to listen to music but they're also handy when dialling into conference calls on the go. Whatever your brand's style, there's a model of speaker that will fit. And, with added personalisation, they're a great way to represent your brand when you're not around.

Some speakers also provide the "fun" element that clients appreciate. For example, they can be shaped like other things such as light bulbs or fidget spinners. They usually charge via USB cable, so they're a great item to combine with a power bank.

Selfie Stick

More than one million selfies are taken every day and the selfie stick helps users to get that perfect angle.

As giveaways, you can choose either a mini version or a full-on extendable style which allows the phone to be used far away from the body.

If you're planning an event, and you want to increase your exposure on social media, then a selfie stick is a great way to encourage posting. Combine it with an event hashtag and watch your social media reach grow.

These sticks can be branded by printing onto the stick itself, or you can add a branded wristband or lanyard to keep them safely tied to your client.

They're not the only branded photographic accessories you should consider, though. Selfie lights and remote shutters also make great gifts.


As you've probably noticed, there's a smartphone theme running through these gifts. So, it's probably no surprise that another popular giveaway is headphones or earbuds. As with some of the other products, there are options available for every budget.

If you're looking for a cheap giveaway, then a simple pair of earphones in a printed case is a bargain option. For a high-quality gift, then wireless earbuds or Bluetooth headphones can be personalised to reflect your brand.

The key to choosing the right product is to know your customer. Earbuds that pack away into a key-ring are great for commuters, while those who wear headphones while running will appreciate the style that hook around the ears.

You can even combine that ever popular promotional item, the baseball cap, with a pair of built-in headphones. Consider what you want to achieve and place your order with that in mind.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Promotional gifts really are the gift that keeps on giving. You make an impression when you present them to your client and they'll get reminded of you every time they use the product. For a high-quality item, that can last for years.

Here at Printkick, we spend our days helping businesses to find new ways to connect with their clients. We offer a range of products including promotional gadgets which we've discussed in this post.

If you'd like to discuss your needs, get in touch with us today. We'd love to help you find the perfect promotional gift for your clients!

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