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Minimal spend. Maximum ROI. The dream for any marketer, right? Promo products can make this a reality.

According to Sageworld, promotional products increase business by 30 percent. Apparently, the number of people doing business with an advertiser jumps from 55 to 85 percent after receiving a promo product.

Clearly, they can be great for business. But the benefits don't stop there. With the right item, your business stands to gain in all manner of ways.

Promotional watches are one such product that you should seriously consider. Keep reading to find out why.  

Why Promotional Watches Are Great For Business

Here is a selection of the main reasons you should consider customized watches in your marketing strategy.

They Expand the Brand

Promotional products are gold-dust for brand-recognition.

Your reputation skyrockets, and customer loyalty with it! Promos spread the message of your business and help you stand out. All of this adds up to new leads and increased sales.

Watches and other printed fitness products are a perfect choice in this endeavor. The trick's to find something your target customer will genuinely appreciate. Mugs, pens, and bags are all options. But they've been done.

Watches are different. They're practical, genuinely useful and have an air of class to them. At the end of the day, who doesn't want a watch?!

They Generate Free Advertising

Receiving a promotional product feels fantastic. And this positive feeling works wonders for your business.

Customers feel valued. They tell all their friends about it. Your business' reputation grows, and the message spreads via word of mouth. But this free advertising doesn't stop there.

Because watches are useful, everyday items, they're more likely to be regularly used. Which means your brand name's going to be on show, day in and day out. Think of them like billboards on the wrists of your customers!

They Can Improve Employee Morale  

Don't limit your promo products to customers. Your employees need love too! Everyone wants to feel valued in the workplace. And getting a cool, useful gift (like a watch!) is one sure-fire way to make that happen.

Remember, happy employees are hardworking employees. Building positive morale in the workplace is of utmost importance.

They Boost Sales

Promo products are renowned for having awesome ROI. Simply, it's easy to turn a minimal marketing expenditure into a high-level return.

For your promo watches or printed pedometers that'll be thanks in part to the word of mouth and added 'bill-board wrist' exposure that we mentioned above. But it's also because they'll increase business sales at the same time.

Indeed, it's known that wearable promo items are best for generating sales. Meaning that your customized watches have an even greater chance of making you money.

The Clock's Ticking...

There you have it: the top benefits of promotional watches for your business.

As we've seen, they make ideal promotional gifts. Like all promo items, they'll have an influential effect on spreading the reach of your brand. But the effects will be far more pronounced thanks to the practical, useful nature of the gift.

Brand awareness and loyalty will grow thanks to the free advertising your happy recipients will generate. Morale will be high at work too, with a workforce that feels valued. And finally, business will be booming thanks to the ROI your watches will offer.

Now we'd like to hear from you! What would be the biggest benefit of promo watches to your business? The ROI, or added brand awareness?

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