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Printed Eco Pens

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Right now, you've probably got a pen stashed on your desk with the name of your doctor's office on it. It might be the name of the hotel you stayed in for your honeymoon. If you do, you can bet your customers do too. When your potential clients go rummaging through drawers for a working pen, let it be yours they find.

Keep reading to discover why printed eco pens are the right choice for your business.

Three reasons to choose printed eco friendly pens

There are many reasons to choose an eco pen as a promotional item. They are stylish and compact so they fit anywhere. The three most important are listed below.

Usefulness and reliablity

Customers keep promotional items up to two years after receiving it. This secures your brand name in their memory.

Pens are a great promotional item simply because they are a daily staple in our lives. It's tiny, so it won't clutter up your desk. Our pens are eco-friendly so it won't clutter up the landfill.

Printed pens work as a business card

85% of people who receive promo items, go on to do business with that company. Get your company name, logo, and contact info printed right on the pen. This way, they'll never have to wonder where they put your business card.

Our pens come in multiple colors so you can customize it to your personal brand.

Cost effective

Promotional pens are one of the lowest cost per impression items at 1/10th of a cent. They come in a close second to promo bags

An impression is an advertising term that describes the number of times a single item will get looks. This means you gain thousands of eyeballs all over your company name. That's way more chances than television or radio.

The different types of branded eco pens

Our Printed Eco Pens come in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes. They display your company name, logo, or contact information. Use these to send a clear message to your eco-conscious consumers. Color choices and printing styles, make it easy to keep your brand image uniform. 


We have a variety of pens made with sustainable practices. Materials like recycled paper and plastic combine to create a useable, eco-conscious product.


You can call it "upcycling." Recycled pens make an old thing new. Ours are made from various materials like old CD cases, water bottles, tires, and recycled card.

Who would have known those old junkyard tyers could turn into something else useful?


These pens are made to go back to the earth. They come in a variety of colors. Pick up the keychain pen so your clients will always have your logo on them.


The beautiful natural tone of these pens is stylish on any desk. They are made with certified sustainable wood.


The natural finish of a bamboo pen looks similar to wooden pens and with the same usefulness. Try printing your company info on our double-duty pen-stylus combo. Pair it with a bamboo wireless charger and a bamboo travel coffee cup.

Advance your brand with printed products

You won't regret promoting your brand in an eco-friendly, cost-effective way. Customers remember brands far more often when they receive a promo product. Make sure it's your brand that stands out in their minds. Pair your printed eco pens with other useful desk items.

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