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Custom Full Colour Pens

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If you've ever wondered whether your custom full colour pens are making a splash for your business, they are. According to a 2016 advertising study, people keep your promotional materials and swag an average of eight months. 

That's great news for your branding efforts, and it's even greater news for people who use advertising pens as swag. You can bet that people are writing away with the pens you gave them. And the better quality custom pens for business you can provide them, the more likely they are to have a positive impression of your brand.

And, seriously - what's better than that?!

Custom Full Colour Pens: Your Business Card

Instead of the old-school business card that nobody keeps in their wallets, try having some business pens printed with your brand name and contact information. You will be shocked at how many people love this gift!

Don't Be Stingy

One of the things we've learned through trial and error is that promotional materials are only as good as their quantity. Make sure you give out a couple of custom full colour pens for every one business card you would hand out. 

You want one pen for your contact or potential client, and you want another for them to give to a friend. People use pens every day, and they are essential to the course of any business. Give freely and enjoy the results!

You're on a Timer

Most ballpoint pens that you will order from PrintKick will have a lifespan of just under one year. If someone uses your pens for business every day, they will have just a few short months of good ink and longevity. 

Think about what that means as far as your schedule. If you're trying to book a client or land a big deal, you only have months to do it. (Unless you continue to provide them with an endless stream of custom full colour pens!)

Choosing Your Pen

Just like choosing your hair colour or spouse, choosing your custom full colour pen for business will have lasting effects on your life. Be prepared!

At PrintKick, we have two contoured ballpoint pens, corporate pens, and one heavy "Electra" ballpoint. Each of these pens can be printed in full colour. And many of them have their own colour options, as well.

Choose your pen wisely, and think about the message you want it to send. Do you want people to think you're sleek and modern? Try the corporate pen or the Electra! 

Do you prefer for people to think of you as trusty and loyal? The larger contour pens won't let you down. 

For even better potential results, you can even incorporate the psychology of colour into your choices!

The PrintKick Difference

At PrintKick, we only offer the best quality products at the most economical prices.

With our custom full colour pens, you'll never have to arrive empty-handed at a business meeting! And you'll always be representing your brand in a very pragmatic and visual way.

We take pride in helping you choose the best pens for business and your clientele. And we look forward to working with you!

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