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Promotional Rubber Ducks

  • PVC Duck
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Around 48% of consumers wish to receive promotional products more often. Custom rubber ducks make a powerful impression for your brand. Promotional products create a more favorable brand impression 53% of the time. Giving away custom rubber duckies has serious advantages you should consider.

Here's how personalized rubber ducks can benefit your business and boost brand awareness:

Printed rubber ducks trigger childhood nostalgia

Using a custom rubber duck as a giveaway item casts your brand in a positive light. When people see a rubber duck, they think of childhood. This creates feelings of nostalgia, something that appeals to a lot of people.

Rubber ducks give people a piece of their childhood. Consumers look at the rubber ducks logo and recall your brand as the one who gave them a prized item.

Anybody can find a good use for a rubber duck. Most likely, kids will use them in their baths and have fun with them. Their parents will be grateful for this, making them feel more positive about your business.

However, rubber ducks also serve another important purpose:

Stress toys and fun toys

Rubber ducks are perfect to use as stress toys. A stress toy is an object that you squeeze to relieve stress and muscle tension.

If consumers use a branded rubber duck as a stress toy, they will associate your brand with relieving stress.

Unique giveaway items

Miniature rubber ducks are unique giveaway items. Unlike promotional pens or bags, it's not every day a business gives you a custom rubber duck. Give away personalized rubber ducks to increase brand awareness. Around 1 in 5 consumers will throw away an unwanted promotional item. However, rubber ducks are novelty items that most consumers will want to keep.

If consumers don't keep the rubber duckies, they're more likely to give them to someone else. Either way, the rubber duck is still effectively advertising your business, making the ROI worthwhile.

Positive brand impressions

Custom rubber ducks give you valuable brand impressions. The amount of brand impressions you'll get from these ducks make them a sound investment. One duck lasts for years, so you'll be reaping the benefits for a while.

Every cent you spend on custom rubber ducks is well spent. You'll get ROI in the form of brand impressions, advertising, and increased brand awareness in general. Thanks to these brand impressions, more people are likely to visit your business's physical location or website.

Giving away rubber ducks with a logo on them makes a brand seem fun and friendly. Thanks to fun promotional gifts like this, people will associate your brand with fun and playfulness. This will make your business appear more approachable and pleasant.

Rubber ducks are classic toys. Toys are used for having fun. People like having fun, so they're more likely to recall your brand positively.

Promote your business with a quack

Nearly 85% of consumers remember advertisers who gave them a shirt or hat. Nobody will forget about the brand with their logo on custom rubber ducks. The recall rate for branded promotional items is around 85%. Just imagine how high the brand recall will be with branded rubber ducks.

Spread the word about your business by learning about branding and promotion. Your brand will thank you for it.

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