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Promotional Teddy Bears

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Promotional Teddy Bears

A promotional product that will make a great gift and ideal as a companion to give to your customers on all age bracket, our printed teddy bears can aid you in generating and increasing visibility of your business. Perfect as a present, it also makes a delightful token of appreciation to award your loyal employees.

Stuffed toys are especially effective for business managers targeting customers who are parents with child or to children themselves. An endearing toy so soft and cuddly, customised teddy bears can help draw prospects to your booth giving you a face-to-face opportunity to make your sales pitch you otherwise would have missed. As gift cards for gas stations make an appealing reward for drivers while branded personal items can entice homemakers, a plush toy like a bespoke teddy bear is a sure-fire way to get the attention of kids and kids at heart.

Adorable stuffed teddy bears also make an excellent gift for fund-raisers, non-profits, and school-related events: they are easy to distribute since they are lightweight and will definitely leave a smile on any recipient's face. And for those stressed-out office workers who mostly sits at their desk all day long, a colourful soft toy is the welcome incentive that will brighten a gloomy day at work.

At a little cost, you can stock up with hundreds of these huggable teddy bears or other types of promotional toys we offer so you will always be ready anytime in making those lasting impressions with potential customers. For a professional look and advertising mileage, customise them with your business name and logo and hand them out at your upcoming charity events.

Browse our wide variety of corporate teddy bears designs that come in different sizes, shape, and colour all designed to make a fitting giveaway for any occasion.


Helping you create the perfect printed teddy bear

With more than 20 years working in the promotions industry, each of our staff is highly-trained and dedicated to making sure customers like you are happy and satisfied with your ordered teddy bears giveaway.

Whether it’s about the design, pricing or delivery schedule, feel free to contact us you and we will be more than happy to help you. Get in touch with us over the phone, by email or through live chat for any of your giveaway-related concerns.

With the ability to add your branding to a broad range of products, deliver more impact to your customers by pairing your teddy bears merchandise with related products like bespoke wedding favours, stationery products, bookmarks and more.


Suitable for all budgets, that's Printkick.com

Budget-friendly pricing matched with quality teddy bears and printed novelty gifts, find what you need and get an instant quotation so you can go ahead directly to check out. We have eliminated the hassle of going back and forth with salespeople so you can focus on the more important part of your work.

As a bonus, we will also provide you with a digital mock-up of your creation so you can visualise your designs come to life.

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