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Branded Cereal Bars

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Numbers don't lie: Promotional products work. In fact, 85% of people remember the name of companies that give them a promotional product. Clearly, it pays to give things away, but what are the perfect items to give away to potential clients?

Picking out promotional items can be frustrating. You want something that stands out while also being appealing. You want to give them something they want.

What if you could associate your brand with a sweet treat that everybody loves? Branded cereal bars are the perfect way to catch your audience's attention. If you want to understand how branded cereal bars can help your business, keep reading.

Printed cereal bars are cost effective

Successful branding doesn't have to break the bank. In fact, you can get personalized granola and cereal bars for as little as £1.86 each. You can form a great first impression and a potential lifelong client for less than £2.

These items can go far in helping attract new clientele. In fact, around 63% of customers say they gave away their promotional products to other people. By giving away these products, your company will have expanded its reach and potentially gained new clients.

Healthy treats for customers and employees alike

One of the biggest problems with branded items is that it's hard to stand out. Giving away promotional items like pens and notebooks are safe bets, but they may not show off how unique your company is. 

Cereal bars help you stand out. They aren't something that your client already has and its something that will help satisfy their needs. 

They create a positive brand association

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and now it's associated with your brand. Creating a positive brand association means aligning your product or service with positive qualities to increase users and buyers. When someone eats one of your cereal bars for breakfast, you'll be one of the first things they think of in the morning.

One of the best advantages of branded merchandise is that it allows you to associate your product with a tangible product that will make your client happy. Why not use the best promotional items of the year to help you gain new customers?

Eat on the go

Promotional products are one of the most effective ways to improve sales, but they can only do this if they're seen by a lot of people. The best way to do this is to have a product that's portable.

Branded cereal bars help your client take your company logo and brand wherever they go. This increases the number of people who see the logo thus improving your company's reach. 

Want More Branding and Marketing Ideas?

Branded cereal bars help make a unique and positive statement about your company. They help you stand out from all the other branded items available. 

There are more branded items that can help you improve your customer base and boost your sales. If you want more ideas about how to use promotional items to revamp your branding strategy, request a quick quotation today!

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