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Promotional Golf Accessories

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Sadly, as many as 67% of the U.K. workforce doesn't consider themselves 'engaged' with their work. 

This is where corporate retreats come into their own. They're the perfect opportunity to show your employees you value their hard work, and golfing is an ideal choice. It's fun, it's simple, and provides a well-earned break from your stuffy office. Add a little something extra to the day by gifting your employee's golf promotional items. 

People love free giveaways; they're the perfect way to commemorate your time together - a surefire way of boosting brand loyalty amongst your workers. So, with all this in mind, let's dive into a few of our favorite ideas.

How to Improve Engagement

Team building days are hands down one of the most significant investments you'll ever make. It's incredible for building trust amidst your workforce and goes a long way to mitigating conflict and encouraging communication.

All of which is essential for boosting productivity and increasing collaboration. Therefore, if you want to enhance a healthy company culture and expand your bottom line, then a golfing away day might just do the trick. 

Promotional Giveaways to Enhance Your Activity Day

To ensure the happy memories of your corporate day out stick in the minds of your employees, you might want to consider giving away one of the following golfing themed gifts:

1. A Mini 'Golf Survival Kit' 

Have you considered putting together a mini golf kit for your employees? Give these out at the beginning of the day so they can use them as they go around the course. Source mini sunscreens and get your brand plastered on them. The same works well with bottles of water, hand sanitizer, and lip balm - as well as anything else you can think of!

2. Golf Towels

These gifts are ideal for adding a touch of class to your day. Not everyone will have these, so they're sure to be a hit.

Top Tip: try to source towels with a hook. This way your employees can clip them onto their bags and use them with ease throughout the day. 

3. A Golf Cap

Nothing fosters team spirit like everybody wearing the same thing. If you're looking to enhance bonds amidst your co-workers, a customized golf cap could be a perfect choice.

4. Golfing Polo Shirts

This is a gift you may want to give before your employees get to the golf course. Polo shirts embroidered with your logo, as well as their name is bound to bring a smile to their faces!

Like the Sound of These Golf Promotional Items?

If you loved the sound of these golf promotional items,  check out our online store for more inspiration. Trust us; your employees will love what we have to offer.

Alternatively, if you're after other ideas, please feel free to peruse through our blog. Over there, we discuss everything from branding tips to ways to promote your business. Enjoy! 

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