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Printed Bike Accessories

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A good marketing strategy is one of the most important elements of a company's success. Marketing campaigns run the gamut from editorial advertisements to wrapped cars. Advertising is so important that companies in the UK spent over 21 billion pounds on advertising in 2016.

One method of advertising, promotional products, has left many wondering whether it is actually effective. Does slapping your company's logo on a bunch of bike accessories bring in more customers? 

As it turns out, the answer is yes. Read on to learn why.

Bike Accessories Keep Your Brand Fresh in Your Customers' Mind

When you create a marketing campaign, you want to make sure that your target customers think of your company the next time that they're in the market for what you sell.

Many companies do this through catchy jingles on TV and the radio. Others advertise with quirky videos on social media. But all of these campaigns rely on the premise of memory. They have to make an advertisement memorable enough for your clients to remember it.

This is where promotional products have an edge. If you brand something your customer uses every day, like a reusable water bottle, then you know that they are going to be reminded of your company every time they take a drink. You don't have to worry about being remembered because they'll see it multiple times a day.

Promotional Products Make Customers Your Representatives

Promotional products have a broader reach than just the customers who receive them. If you create branded bicycle accessories, then every time that customer goes for a bike ride your company will have exposure. This is especially effective if you give products to people like social media influencers.

This also means it's not enough to slap your logo on an item and give it away. Like traditional advertisements, the design should be eye-catching and memorable. And make sure to err toward higher quality items as well.

Donating to Charity Increases Your Brand's Goodwill

Donating to charity may be good for your heart, but it's good for your company, too. The items you donate to charity will get your company's name out there in a good way, likely to people who would otherwise not have known about you.

Be smart about how you do this. Try donating branded bike accessories to riders in charitable bike marathons, or branded water bottles to people walking for a charitable cause.

Promo Items Work Well for Employees, Too!

Your employees are the heart and soul of your business. Giving them high quality branded promotional products are a great reward for a job well done. It boosts employee morale, which translates to better productivity.

And don't forget, every time your employees uses that promotional item, they'll be giving your company face time with the public. It's a win-win situation, really.

Promotional Products Are the Way to Go

Promotional products, like branded bike accessories and printed outdoor items, are a super effective way to market your company. Not only does it keep your company at the forefront of your customers' minds, but it also gives your customers something of value. Who doesn't love free swag?

Interested in creating branded promotional products to give out to your customers, too? Contact us today to get a quote.

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