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Printed Selfie Sticks

An ever present holiday item, selfie sticks are the perfect way to associate your brand with happy vacation memories. Pair with our bluetooth remote shutters for hands free snaps.

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Branded Selfie Sticks

Selfies are no longer reserved for vacations and other casual events. With the world of social media taking the world by storm, marketing campaigns have jumped into the world of online marketing to show off their brand, wares and services ─ often through selfies! The hottest new technology trend is the selfie stick. No more awkward poses as you try and extend your arm to gain the best exposure while trying to fit you and your team, product or location in the photo. Selfie sticks allow you to take fantastic pictures without limits so you can capture the moment in a professional manner.

Why Selfies Matter in Marketing

Whether your business is home staging, meticulously crafted clothing or scrumptious desserts with personalised touches, you are going to want to share your results with the world. Most notably, if your company is a one-person show or small team effort, the best branding effort you can make is through the exposure of yourself and employees. Selfies assure that clients and customers recognise the face behind the brand! Charity organisations significantly benefit from selfies by bringing awareness to their cause, whether it is by sharing group/selfie photos of you and your volunteers reading to children, building homes or other community outreach efforts. Conferences, trade shows and other group venues are excellent platforms for group photos, making a selfie stick the perfect means to capture everyone in the team without anyone missing out. Social media is all about personalisation and the connection you make with your followers. While your products, service or cause is what you do, the heart of it all is you and your team!

Make It Your Best Selfie!

If you are ready to dive into the world of selfies, then do it up right! Our collection of monopods with shutters, selfie lights and portable mini monopods assure great photos, with the ability to personalise the stick so that your company or organisation is recognised wherever you go!

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