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Printed Charging Cables & Accessories

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If bringing in new clients is your goal, you want the name of your business to reach as many people as possible. One of the smartest (and cheapest!) ways to do this is branded items.

People keep promotional items for an average of eight months, which is an incredible amount of time for your brand to be sitting in front of someone. To really get the most bang for your buck, you'll want to create branded items that people use every day. 

Branded charging cables are a fantastic way to get your name out there and start building that brand recognition. Read on to find out how you can use them to drive your client growth! 

Generate Leads

How do you start creating the interest that leads to new clients? Using branded items can help to generate leads.

Even if people are completely unfamiliar with your business when they see a branded item, they might be curious enough to Google you. Curiosity alone can help generate enough leads to guarantee you a hefty ROI. 

Plus, as a bonus, you'll get more hits on your company website. 

Save on Business Cards

How many business cards do you have in your office? Now, how many of them do you actually read? Business cards come in handy when you want to quickly give someone your information. Too often, though, they end up thrown away or collecting dust. 

Instead of printing off dozens of business cards, put your contact information on your promotional items and kill two birds with one stone.

Improve Your Outreach

Think about how often people use their charging cables. We're constantly plugged in, both literally and figuratively. 

There's a good chance that people will use your branded charging cable daily, both at home and in public spaces. Giving away hundreds of these instead of spending money on online ads is a great way to reach exponential numbers of people. 

Stand out from the Competition  

Let's say that you need some electrical work done in your house, but you've no clue who to call. Will you be more likely to call the electrician whose name you've seen around or someone you've never heard of? 

If you can get your name out there on various branded items, you'll be able to stand out from competitors in your sector. People will remember your name before anyone else's. 

This is also a chance to show off your creativity and personality. Have fun with the design!

Increase Brand Recognition

Finally, the most effective promotional items will also increase your brand recognition. If someone sees your business name every time they plug in their phone or laptop, they're going to think of you whenever they need your services. 

83% of people who received a promotional item were more likely to do business with the brand. If you're trying to grow your client list, this is something you can't afford to ignore. 

Leverage Branded Charging Cables

Branded charging cables are a fantastic way for you to get your business' name in front of a wide network of potential clients. You don't want to pass up the chance to start building up your brand recognition! 

Prep for your next marketing event by creating your very own personalised products.

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