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Printed Business Card Holders

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Printed Business Card Holders

The business card may be the most critical promotional materials you and your team can wield. Business cards are used by employees of any size businesses that include their contact details, company and name. They are highly effective networking handouts that are inexpensive, easy to carry around for any event or occasion and offer clients or potential customers a way to keep your information close at hand instead of just making a mental note of it. Printed business card holders make a terrific gift for any client or employee so they can keep their cards organised and professionally kept. A business card says a lot about the image of its company and employees. Tattered or torn business cards do not speak a professional language. For a favourable impression, store your business cards neatly in a personalised business card holder for secure distribution at networking events, corporate lunches, project meetings, sales calls, presentations and speaking engagements.

Business Cards in the Modern World

Today's digital age means tons of social media shares, shout outs, connections and likes. In this age of  Internet, PDAs and smartphones, people often forget the power of one simple, yet powerful little tool: the business card. Whether it is your sales team out hustling for new leads or an employee out for a walk with his pet, business cards are a chance to introduce yourself and what you do, regardless if the interaction was planned or unexpected. Never be left without your company's calling card. Even with social media dominating the marketing sector, that face-to-face interaction is still a golden chance to connect and make the sale. When you are poised with branded paper products printed with your contact information (website and social media contact details too!), you pass over a valuable piece of advertising that allows new and potential clientele a means to remember you for later contact.

Make the Grade with A Suave Impression

Instead of fumbling in your wallet, pockets or purse to find a clean and legible card, a cardholder keeps everything within easy reach and makes a great first impression. When imprinted with your logo, it lends a stronger tie to remembering you and your company. Our sleek and stylish card holders come in a range of designs, colours, styles and capacities. A leather business card wallet makes a fantastic high-end executive handout, while an aluminium case looks streamlined and is an economical choice to equip all employees. Also, while on business calls, printed executive conference folders maintain a cohesive level of professionalism that speaks volumes about your company.

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