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Promotional Hand Sanitisers

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Did you know that gift giving impacts the relationship of the receiver and giver? 

Want to draw in new customers and maintain old customers? Consider giving out promotional hand sanitiser to the people that frequent your shop. By gift giving, you will be inspiring these customers to return to your shop.

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Gifting Promotional Hand Sanitiser

Did you know that giving gifts is a way to attract new customers? 

There is a psychological concept called reciprocity. When you give someone a gift, people feel obligated to do something for you in return. They want to give something back. This principle is a powerful tool to get new customers. You can also maintain relations with older customers. This builds long lasting relationships.

Hand Sanitisers on a Roll Clip 

Want to give something unique to your customers? Consider gifting them hand sanitisers on a roll clip. This is easy to transport, and they are sure to use it all the time. This is the perfect item for people in the medical field. 

Branded Pocket Hand Sanitizer 

People like convenience and a branded pocket hand sanitiser gives them that. This is an easy to transport item that can fit into a purse or bag. It's shaped like a pen and is discrete. This is a perfect item to use in a giveaway for your customers who travel a lot! 

Lemon Fragrance Desk Top Sanitiser 

This hand sanitiser is sure to be popular for business folk. It sits on your desk and displays your company logo. There is 50 ml of gel in it and is sure to last a long time. 

Make Your Customers Feel Special

If you offer this gift to your customer on his or her own, they will feel special and unique. Allow the customer to take an item that serves them. Another idea is writing a personalised note alongside the sanitiser. Your customer will feel valued because of this.

Consider a Gift That Benefits Your Customer

Think about what you might want to give your customer.

It's important to think about the value of the gift. Is it going to help them in some way? Will they use it often and pass it on to a friend? Try and find something that is useful. Hand sanitizer can be used by many people, but you have to make sure to give them the one they want. 

It also will increase business and customer happiness. Check out this example of our antibacterial hand sanitiser. People will use this all the time! 

Want to Learn More?

We hope you found this article about promotional hand sanitiser and gifting helpful. Giving gifts is a powerful way to engage with old and new customers. Try and think about what type of item you'd like to give and make sure it's useful.

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