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Custom Printed Pill Boxes

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England alone dispensed 1.1 billion prescriptions in 2016. In the USA, they dispensed 4.45 billion. Your customers have a lot of pills to sort. You can help!

Custom pill boxes are a great way to connect your brand to the wellbeing of others. You can easily add your logo or message to these. Items like this are used daily and will keep your brand on top of mind.

While there are promotional items every business should have, this item is special. If you're in the travel, pharmaceutical or health and wellness sectors, a promotional pill divider could be ideal. But even if you are in another sector, you can use this if it is relevant to what your company stands for.

It's another way you stand above the competition. Imagine a person using your branded product every day, and on top is your message, "We're for you every day." That will reinforce your brand image in a powerful way.

How to Promote with Custom Pill Boxes

Let's take a look at a couple ways you can promote with custom pill boxes.

Giveaways at events and trade shows

If you attend or sponsor a community event, especially one related to health, this is a great giveaway. The trade show floor can be a busy place, and most representatives will have some branded item to give away. This is because a good FREE product will get people's attention.

While some items are more general, a branded pill caddy has a very specific place your life. Again, if it aligns with your message, it can be a powerful way for others to see your brand.

New Client Gifts

Say thank you to new clients with a gift that has great practical use. Sometimes a new client will receive papers and booklets when starting with a company. Adding in a special gift and a thank you note can go along way in fostering loyalty with the people you serve.

Revive Customer Relationships

Your customers may have decided to take their business somewhere else. Some just might have forgotten about you. A surprise gift is a smart way to remind them you are available.

This is also a great time to bring up new deals or products you can offer your wayward customer. Unexpected gifts are a strong contact point for your brand.

Holiday Gifts

Christmas and New Years are great times to give a gift. Yes, even a simple pill box can help you say, "Thank you for a great year. We appreciate your business."  

Reflect Your Brand

However you choose to use an item like this there are a few key things to keep in mind. Does the item speak to what your business is about? Or, is the item relevant to one of the core values of your company? Giving an item that reflects your value will connect people to your brand for the right reason. 

When you decide to place your order for wholesale custom pill boxes, there are a couple of points to consider.

How big do you want your message to appear? Not every design has equal print space. How many would you like to give out? The price will vary depending on the quality and complexity of the design. Is this for home or travel use? Some designs are more compact.

Would you like to see what your message can look like on a pill box? We're here to help. Reach out to us for more assistance and ideas for great promotional products.

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