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Customised Printed Tabletfolios and What They Can Do for You

Tired of having nothing to hand out but pens and business cards at trade shows? A custom printed tabletfolio is a surefire way to impress future customers.

A tabletfolio is similar to a typical business portfolio, often with a zipper along the side to open and close it. The key difference is that instead of only featuring a notepad, a tabletfolio is designed to hold an iPad or tablet, including other promotional gadgets.

Branded tabletfolios can be a great way to set your business apart when you approach potential customers. You'll see few if any of your competitors with these high-end giveaway items, setting you ahead of the pack.

Your customers will also love tabletfolios from a practical standpoint. It gives them one place to store their tablet with their other supplies.

Top Types of Printed Tabletfolios

There are plenty of options when it comes to printed tabletfolios. Some of the most common include:

Display Tabletfolio

In this tabletfolio, the tablet is the sole focus. When you open it, your tablet is face-forward on one side, ready for you to use. It's unique because only this type of tabletfolio lets you use the tablet while it's still inside. 

Pocket Tabletfolio

A pocket tabletfolio is an alternative to the display portfolio because it keeps your tablet in a covered pocket. When you open the tabletfolio, most pocket designs will require you to slide out your tablet from a pocket on the side.

There are pros and cons when you compare a pocket tabletfolio to a display tabletfolio. For someone who uses their tablet throughout the conference on a frequent basis, a display tabletfolio will be easier to use.

A pocket tabletfolio, though, is better for people who just need their tablet available for occasional use. In these cases, the pocket better protects the tablet from drops and spills.

Tabletfolio Organizer

Another option for a tabletfolio is to use an option that also holds a variety of other branded stationery. This could include a notepad, pens, business cards, highlighters, and more. 

In many cases, a pocket tabletfolio will be a tabletfolio organizer as well. These handy items are multifunctional and your customers will love them, especially as tools for conferences.

Tips for Using Your Branded Tabletfolios

Now that you know why your business needs a branded tabletfolio, how do you use them? Try these tips.

Use as giveaways for qualified leads

While they're reasonably priced when you buy them in bulk, tabletfolios are still high-end items. You don't want to hand them out to everyone and anyone as you would with a pen or a lanyard.

Instead, reserve tabletfolios for more qualified leads that have the potential to be large customers. Having a gift that's only for them will make them feel more appreciated.

Gift them to employees

Custom printed tabletfolios aren't just for trade shows and new contacts. They're also great tools for your employees to have too.

Imagine a team of your employees walking into a meeting with a new potential client. They're all equipped with the same organized tabletfolios. It makes your company look more professional, giving the potential client a confidence boost that they're talking to a well-organized team.

If you're ready to start enjoying the benefits of custom printed tabletfolios, shop for our range on this page today, or otherwise you can check out our folders  here: 

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