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Promotional Suitcases and Wheeled Bags

For the on-the-road salesperson or consultant, suitcases and trolley bags are the perfect way to store personal items, clothing and documents. Print your logo on any of the range of branded bags below.

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Did you know about 83% of consumers like receiving a promotional product with an advertising message on it?

These products can be anything. You can go with something like a mug or even shirts with the logo of your company printed on the front. But have you considered marketing your business with custom garment bags or carry on suitcases?

Yes, even suitcases and garment bags can help your brand reach a new audience. How do you do this to its full effect? You can read more to find out here!

Who Uses Custom Trolley Bags and Promotional Suitcases?

Effective marketing is all about getting your brand out in public, as often as possible. Companies want to keep their brands in front of customers to ensure the target market remembers them. Memory and marketing have a fickle relationship, after all.

But what kind of companies use custom wheeled bags and suitcases? Very often you'll see professional services businesses, law firms, tech companies, marketing agencies, and even travel agencies use these bags to their advantage. 

Pharmaceutical representatives would also buy promotional suitcases. They tend to travel a lot since they have to showcase their products to potential customers and investors. With a promotional suitcase, they'll also promote their brand even to the folks they pass by on the street and airport.

There are effective ways on how to maximize the benefits that they provide, which we will get to below.

Benefits of Promotional Bags and Suitcases

Why give out these promotional items to customers? Take a moment to consider some of these benefits:

Advertising Your Business Wherever They Go

Whenever customers bring a personalised suitcase or bag, the brand logo is always present. In a way, they make use of the item and end up endorsing the business to everyone they come across. This kind of promotion is somehow indirect but effective in raising brand awareness.

People who catch a glimpse of the brand might get curious about your business and what it offers.

Perfect Giveaway to Your Customers

Custom garment bags and wheely suitcases are great as giveaways for customers. You can give these as a free item along with a sale of a product that you offer.

Or you can also provide them as limited edition items. This makes them a bit rare and adds a special sentimental flair to them. Customers value limited edition items and they'll proudly showcase the bag - which carries your brand - to their friends and family.

How to Use Custom Garment Bags as Promotional Items

When setting up these promotional items to help in building up your brand, you need to find ways to make sure they become an effective means to promote your business. Here are some considerations.

Use Custom Garment Bag as Part of Packaging

One approach is to use these as part of the packaging of the products you offer. You can use these as seasonal packaging for holidays or special events. Making it a part of a special sale is one approach in using them.

Free Giveaways at Events

In special events, you can give these away for free as part of a promotional packet. Due to how affordable these custom bags are, you can make use of them to build your brand while giving something practical and useful.

Use as Items for Fundraising or Charity

Another approach is to use them in a fundraiser or a charity event. Use them as gift bags to hold donated items. This sends out a positive message for anyone who sees your logo on the packaging.

Use the seasonal nature to generate the urgency for it.

Use Custom Promotion Bags Today!

Using custom garment bags as part of your promotional items is a great approach to promote and build your brand. Not only do you provide an item that they can use for every day, but they also promote the brand by using it and bringing the bag with them.

To know more about these promotional bags and suitcases, feel free to request a free quotation online. We can help you answer your questions and even get started.

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