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Promotional Cosmetics Bags

Hotels and make up brands are missing a trick if their products don't arrive in handy personalised cosmetics bags. Useful for long after a trip, they're also great for airport security as most are transparent.
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Great promotional ideas are about more than just cool products, they're about making investments in an easy way to market your company. Your business is perfect for company merchandise that people will carry around and spread the message.

Not all swag is created equal. You want to think about what kind of items your customers will want. Sticking your logo and name of your makeup business on non-relevent products might not be the best idea, so let's take a look at how printed cosmetic bags may be the best company swag for your business.

Printed Cosmetic Bags

Bags, in general, are popular items. Cosmetic bags are relatively inexpensive depending on what kind you choose and your logo and name will look great on them. 

There are a variety of different types of cosmetic bags available. Think about where and how you will be giving them away when choosing what type of bag to go with. They also fit your logo and company name in different ways as well.

Cosmetics giveaways for hotels

Hotels have a customer base that all have one thing in common: they travel. Giving your customers something that makes it easier to travel or at least more enjoyable, makes almost too much sense. Picking a cosmetic bag with colors that match your business colors and placing your logo on it is a fantastic company swag idea.

Giveaway bags for Makeup companies

If your company is a retailer or manufacturer of makeup, then you know how much your customers or employees would love printed cosmetic bags. The best company swag is items that compliment your own product. Cosmetic bags with your logo and company name would be a great product to include in swag bundles for giveaways or other promotional events.

Promotional cosmetics bags for spas

People love to relax, and what better way to encourage customers to choose your spa than with a gorgeous and useful printed cosmetic bag?You can choose multiple colors when picking out a cosmetic bag to customise. Calming colors that match the theme of your spa is a great way to advertise. 

Gym and Wellness companies can benefit too

Looking for company swag for your gym or other wellness-related company? Your customers pack and unpack their gym bags as part of their routine several days a week. Cosmetic bags not only make their lives easier, but they get a lot of attention and use. Advertising a gym or similar service with your own printed cosmetic bag will get results.

Cool merchandise ideas to remember

When picking your business swag, remember that you want people to actually use these products. If you put your name on items that people will just throw away or stuff in a drawer, then you've wasted your investment. Think about your customers and your employees when customizing your cool swag ideas. 

You want to give out some company swag and you've got some great ideas, now what? Find a great company to do the hard work for you and get ready to make some people very happy.

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