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Branded Shoe Shine Kits

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If you're a small business owner, you know how important branding is to your bottom line. But did you know the first impression of your brand is also important? 48% of consumers say they're more likely to become loyal to a brand during the first interaction with them. 

Sure, everyone's on social media - as they should be. But, an even more powerful way to get your brand noticed? Promotional items. Not only do people love free products, but 85% remember the company that gave it to them. More than 76% have a favorable opinion of the company. What product should you incorporate into your promotional marketing campaign? 

For many industries, there's one very unique promotional item that's getting them noticed: Shoe shine kits. If you've never thought of promoting your brand with shoe shine kits, we're taking a look below at the reasons why you should. 

What Industries Benefit from Promotional Shoe Shine Kits?

You may not think of shoe shine kits among the most popular promotional items. But for some industries, they should be.

While pens, hats, shirts, and the like do wonders for branding purposes, some industries should think a little more outside the box. Take a look at three industries where shoe shine kits can bring in huge ROIs.

1. Printed Shoe Shine kits for the footwear industry

If you're involved in the footwear industry, giving away branded shoe shine kits as promotional items is a no-brainer. 

Whether you want to go with a simple shoehorn with a polish buffer or a full-size kit, you have several options to choose from. Best of all, there's a shoe shine kit for every budget. Shoe businesses can order them for trade shows and community events. They can even pass them out at big sales events. 

Apparel stores selling footwear also benefit from promotional shoe shine kits like men's and ladies' formalwear shops. Businesses that offer alterations, tailoring services, and shoe repair also have direct-use for this branded item. 

2. Promotional kits for hotels

The hospitality industry is well-known for branded promotional items. Aside from pens - which they may or may not intend to be promos - think about all the other items they give away.

Every hotel room bathroom has travel-sized bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. There are bars of soap on the sink and in the tub. One of the most overlooked promo items - a sewing kit isn't only a usable product, it's quite helpful.

Now, consider how useful and helpful a shoe shine kit would be to a businessman jet-setting all over. They'll avoid the somewhat pricey shoe shiners at airports and train stations and they'll help get your brand's name out there.

3. Shoe shines Conference Venues

More than 120 conference centers in the U.K. held conferences last year. That's a whole audience you never thought to tap into.It doesn't matter if the conference was entertainment-based, business, or a hobby - most of the people in attendance traveled to get there. Not only attendees but speakers and entertainers came far and wide, too. These are great for the company planning the conference, the convention center themselves, or a company presenting at the event.

They're also a great marketing tool when you or your employees are traveling to a conference. Think of them as a usable business card.Even if you only order a few branded high-end kits, pass them out to your staff attending the convention. They're bound to run into other people in your industry who won't be able to forget your company's name. 

Get More Eyes on Your Brand

Promotional shoe shine kits aren't only for the hospitality industry or shoe apparel market. Any business that has a connection to busy people who care about their appearance can benefit from these items.

That means concierge services, travel agents - even transportation. If your business is in one of these spaces, what do you have to lose? Nothing. But you have an entire audience of potential customers to gain.

For more information on how you can make shoe shine kits a part of your promotional marketing campaign, grab a quick quotation using our website today!

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