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Promotional Heat Packs and Hand Warmers

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The days of boring marketing techniques are over. 

There are over 5 million small businesses in the UK and every single one is competing for customers. The best way to stand against your competition? Having a great marketing strategy that includes promotional items. Promotional heat packs, hand warmers, and other branded items are super effective for building your brand.

Useful cold weather items

Try handing out what your customers actually want. 

Picture an outdoor event even in your local community. Your business is set up under a promotional tent, but what is going to draw the customers away from their fun to you? 

Useful items like hand warmers are great to grab the interest of your potential customer. They'll be walking around a cold, outdoor event just looking for any source of heat. Once you've drawn them in, you'll be able to pitch them your business and land a new customer. 

Consider using promotional heat packs at the following events:

  • Outdoor festivals
  • Tree lightings and other holiday events
  • At an ice skating rink or sledding hill

Anywhere where people gather in the chilly temperatures is a prime spot for your business. Reap in the benefits of the great promotional items as potential customers pass by other boring business pitches to warm up their hands. 

Memorable and Unique

By handing out hot packs, it's likely your potential customer will keep it handy. They will take the item home and use it again and again. And each time they take out the reusable hot pack, they will see your business' name and logo.

Brand awareness is considered the most important aspect of marketing campaigns.  And when all their friends see how useful the hot pack is, they'll ask where they can get one. And that's just another customer walking through your door.

The reusable heat packs become even more memorable when you add in a few puns. Think of catchy slogans involving your business and heat. Try out phrases like, "our prices are on fire" or "our products are the hottest around."

Not only will your customer get a chuckle, but it will also further engrave your business on their mind. 

Beyond Promotional Heat Packs 

Now that you know all about how using promotional heat packs can heat up your business leads, take advantage of all the benefits of other promotional products. 

Don't forget the children when buying promotional items. Fun items such as balls or frisbees will get taken home and enjoyed for months. Not only will your brand become a household name, but parents will also remember you as a business that cares about their children. 

Need more ideas to increase your customer base? Check out this article on promotional items every business should have. 

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