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Think back to the last time you attended a trade show. How many pens did you end up with? What about notepads and lanyards?

As great as those oldies are, in some markets, the toughest challenge is standing out from the crowd. If you want an easy way to set yourself apart, try branching out with your promotional products. Have you thought about custom makeup?

Branded makeup products can be a great way to open a line of communication with a customer and leave them with a memorable impression. Here's how.

How to Use Branded Custom Makeup Products to Stand Out at Trade Shows

If you're planning for a trade show, don't end up being just one more booth in the sea. Here's how custom makeup can make you stand out.

1. Create a Makeover Station

Trade shows can leave your future customers with a serious case of sales pitch fatigue. It's all they're seeing and doing all day, so why not do something different?

Teach your employees some makeup tricks from the pros and set up a makeover station at your booth. Attendees can enjoy a few minutes of relaxation and pampering while a video plays about your product or your staff offers a quick chat.

At the end of the makeover, you can get into a more in-depth discussion about your business. Before the customer leaves, be sure to give them one of your branded makeup products.

This strategy works in two ways. First, the makeover leaves a great impression and helps you break through the minutiae. Second, the branded product will remind the customer of the experience for weeks or months to come, boosting your chance of a conversion.

2. Capture the Male Market with Beard Accessories

Most people think of women alone when they think of the custom makeup market. Don't forget to give your male contacts some self-care help as well.

For men, one great option is a branded beard care set. A well-manicured beard is a point of pride for sophisticated men today. While the trend started with men in their 20s, it's extending through the decades to include men through their 50s and 60s as well.

3. Illustrate the Power of Personalization

If you want to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to promotional products, you need to know how to use them. Instead of handing out a standardized giveaway, turn your branded products into metaphors.

For instance, what about a set of branded makeup brushes? Each brush has a different shape, material, and size for a specific purpose. To accomplish a full face of great makeup, you need each piece of the puzzle.

This is a great way to demonstrate your company's versatility. Include a note with your brush sets that illustrates how your company has all the tools you need to provide the best result for your customers, just like the set of brushes. It might sound corny, but it will stick in customers' minds.

Marketing Your Company with Custom Makeup Products

Without a doubt, one of the largest challenges at any trade show is standing out. You're in a giant room that's filled wall to wall with your competitors, and it's a serious battleground.

In this competitive environment, thinking outside the box is what will make you memorable. These tips for custom makeup products are a great place to start.

To start shopping for your next trade show's giveaways, shop our selection of branded health and beauty products.

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